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Matt Houghton Goal-den Formula Reviews Avoid Scam Betting

Matt Houghton reviews Matt Houghton formula Matt Houghton scam.

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Posted 02 April 2012 - 06:48 PM

Matt Houghton Goal-den Formula reviews Betting. If you have anything to do with gambling online, then you will probably have heard of Matt Houghton's Goal-den Formula, so you will want reviews.

What is the formula?

The formula, and clue is in the title of the product "goal-den formula", which is actually just a football betting system. You may even have received a letter in the post trying to convince you that this is the best thing since sliced bread, as far as football betting in concerned, and that you have to invest.

Will Matt Houghton's Goal-Den Formula Work?

I don't think it has enough merit, and so do the very many professional betters who have vast experience in this marketplace. Matt Houghton has been around the betting scene for a while, and his wares are usually pushed by Shortcut Confidential, owned by Agora Lifestyles Limited.

Will it make me money?

The short answer and opinion is not really. You only have to do a quick search of Matt's name online, to be quickly presented with the array of 'Goal-Den' formulas he has come out with over the years. The reviews are not that great, but with Agora backing him up, he will have an array of mailing lists and copywriters at his disposal.


Listen folks, if there really was a winning betting formula, then it would not be offered for mass consumption, and if it was, the bookies would quickly close down any loopholes they could find. Some systems do work, most of them short term, but the marketing is always slick enough to convice customers to part with their hard earned, and with just enough customers not asking for refunds, a sales promotion will work. All these publishers work on the same basis. It is about damage limitation, few refunds, and people placing the systems on the backburner without ever getting around to using them.

People do make money from bookies, of course they do, but if there was a system that worked for everybody, nobody would have to work ever again.

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Posted 10 April 2012 - 03:39 PM

i have also seen these adverts from matt houghton on a few websites, and it looks like they are churned for mass sales, instead of the results they achieve.

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