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Posted 17 July 2012 - 09:34 AM

MoreMoneyReview.com AKA Agora Lifestyle Ltd If you have been looking to generate an income online, or are on any type of mailing list, then chances are that you have come across moremoneyreview.com, as they use Google Adwords to target any type of offer that is out there. The reason they do this, is so that by targeting certain people, and offers on Google Adwords, More Money Review are hoping that you will click on their link, read the 'grabber' review (no detail) before deciding to be ultra generous and give them your name and email address.

Owned by Agora Lifestyle Ltd (sister company), their sole aim is to capture your details for very many future e-mailings. This is where MoreMoneyReview.com make their profits, using YOUR details.

How many emails will MoreMoneyReview.com send me?

MoreMoneyReview.com's business model is geared around capturing your email addresses, and when you consider that they will be charged 20p-£1 for each click on the Google Adwords, then you can be rest assured that your email address IS going to get used by them, for everlasting promotions.

Just to give you a small example of the amount of emails you will be sent by MoreMoneyReview.com, here is a small snapshot of the amount of emails we have received since a test registration on their site, and giving them our email address:

Posted Image

As you can see, we received no less than 31 emails from moremoneyreview since our test registration (in just 8 weeks).

What do MoreMoneyReview.com Offer?

The large majority of products that will be emailed to you, are to do with Forex, or some type of gambling product, which are obvious products with grey areas attached to how successful they can be.  MMR also seem to have a large affiliation with gambling websites, hence the multiple, and obvious affiliate banners on their website.

Is there any benefit from MoreMoneyReview.com?

That would depend on how your spam filters are working, because if you like receiving lots of emails about such products, then possibly, although we started to receive so many emails from them, that they started to go into our spam box, as our outlook software started seeing their offerings as spam, such was the repetition of emails received.

What is their forum like, as that is why I gave my email for. Real reviews?

From what we have seen, they do have a handful of reviews on their site, but they also have a lot of members that seem to be career-business-opportunity-seekers-moaners, which means that they will pounce on anything that they don't like, whether they have tried it or not, and just pull it to pieces. Many people who have tried and failed at various ventures (usually through lack of action and application) will not give any product or service a chance, and through their own previous incompetence, will throw negative views, and reviews on products just to hear the sound of their own voices (trolling).

So unless you wish to read negative reviews from people who are unlikely to have tried the products (and therefore have no benefit to you, and could even be detrimental to your own mindset), then we would say be careful who you listen to!

What are the reviews like on MoreMoneyReview.com?

It is interesting, but not surprising that their own products (the emails they constantly send you to convince you to buy) have no negative reviews, because of course they are hoping you purchase those products, so it seems MoreMoneyReview carefully pick and choose which products to review, and it could be seen that if the review is about a product they are about to send you an email about (and thus earn a nice affiliate commission from), then it is highly unlikely they would try to put you off by reviewing the products/service in a negative light..

MoreMoneyReview.com Also offer bad advice on some of their reviews?

Yes, they do. MoreMoneyReview also reviewed a product offered by this very forum, and it is blatantly obvious that they do not like any kind of competition, and instantly started looking for negatives on the product. This product - click here to see it - Whic although has fantastic reviews by our own customers, MoreMoneyReview decided to give a negative review about it, out of the pure fact that they see any other forum as a rival. Amusing, if you think about it. And it is also well known that MoreMoneyReview use amateur reviewers on some products, which has also been mentioned on their own website. Which is quite strange for a review website, who's sole aim is to attract customers (well, their email addresses) based on the quality of reviews.

When giving the review on our own product, MoreMoneyReview deciding to start looking at certain issues, like contact details, and the likes, and desperately tried to detract fro the fact that the product DOES work. Which is quite interesting when you consider Agora Lifestyle's own problems with the Advertising Standards Authority:

Posted Image
What is the conclusion about MoreMoneyReview.com?

Our conclusion, is that MoreMoneyReview.com is simply an email capture system, to promote endless unproven products to anybody willing to give them an email address, whilst at the same time allowing internet trolls to pull to pieces other peoples products and services, via their forums, to attract attention to their own products.

We also feel that whilst the whole basis of their business model is to make affiliate commissions from products, and sales of their own products, MoreMoreReview.com CANNOT be unbiased in their reviews, and the usefulness of their hidden away forum (without giving them your email address for them to sell you countless products) is certainly questionable, and full of internet trolls, who have no beneficial advice to give on a review platform, other than to offer their bitter experienced as a failed business-opportunity-seeker.

To see a list of money-making products, that DO work, without being spammed to death, please click here.

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Posted 17 July 2012 - 10:58 AM

It is trolling city over there. I was a member once too, and I had to cancel due to the emails they send out. I have been a customer of Agora for many years, and very rarely did they ever offer anything that proved useful, or made a profit.

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