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Betfair Scalper Review Does Scalping Work

BFScalper.com Betfair Scalping

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Posted 26 February 2015 - 01:29 PM

Betfair Scalper ? No doubt in recent years the amount of people who have been using Betfair has increased beyond belief, and this is mainly due to the uptake in the amount of people looking to make a genuine income online.

Scalping has been a method of generating profit from Betfair as long as Betfair has been around, and if you have not heard of it, then the process is a method of taking very small amounts of money from the market before the events have gone in play. This way there is not 'fight or flight' response to deal with, and you can trade at ease without the fast-paced issues that can blight many traders once an event has gone in play.

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What is Betfair Scalper and How Does it Work?

Generally, scalping has been used by some Betfair traders for a while, and it is usually used in the pre market exchanges as a way to take smallish amounts of money from all the punters liquidity. It works by watching the weight of the money that is entering the exchanges with a view of "scalping" a little bit of this in your direction.

Does it work? Yes scalping does work when you know how. There are certain conditions that you need to apply to use the method to the best effect, but by watching this weight of money you can then decide at which point to enter certain trades that can potentially give you the best out come, and the maximum profits.

Can I just Use The Betfair Website to Scalp?

In theory you can just use Betfair's own site, but it is much more difficult to do so than say using specialised software which helps with the procedure of watching the markets you are trading, and being able to do so in a detailed fashion.

Do I need Software To Scalp Betfair?

There are many software applications that one can use o Betfair, but the main one is Betangel, which has been around for quite a number of years now and lends to scalping extremely well.

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Does Scalping work on all horse races?

Certain races will give more opportunity than others as to whether scalping can be taken advantage of. For example with certain racing events like Cheltenham, you will find that so much money enters the market, that there is not a great deal of movement either way, and scalpers have a limited chance of scraping some money in their direction.

The reason for this is that on such racing events that there is such a large volume of money entering the race, sometimes into the millions, that it takes a lot of weight to move the prices, and this just not happen on such races, so prices become far too static to make this worthwhile to any punter.

When can I use Scalper on Betfair then?

Fortunately, most race cards and events are not like Cheltenham, and the Betfair markets are much more fluid in their movement of liquidity, and this means that you then have the ideal situation to scalp some profits.

Can you Give an Example of Scalping?

The product we are going to link to was first talked about in 2014, but the authors didn't launch it until much later, but I have found a video on youtube which shows some scalping which maybe able to explain a little bit of what scalping entails.

As you can see from the above video, this seems to be using Betangel software and you are using a specific skill set to create a profitable situation from the money that is being placed on Betfair by other punters.

You would then be looking at scraping small profits from either side of the market and set in position your own trades which should eventually make you a profit.

There are many horse races in the United Kingdom so there should be any lack of such chances to make a profit providing you are scalping in the right way.

Do you recommend Betfair Scalper as a way of making money?

If you can find the right training course from somebody that is prepared to teach you in the right way, then scalping on Betfair can be a very good way of making some money.

One product that we have found is this:


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