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Residual Income Model. A Low Cost, High Potential Route That Works!

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Posted 19 February 2011 - 09:00 PM

Residual income model.

As is beauty in the eye of the beholder, a good residual income model can vary from person to person.

As  one of the main reasons people look for residual income is in some way  related to lifestyle improvement, so should the residual income model be  modified to the individual's specification.

After all, why pursue an ambition which is misaligned to begin with?

Before  embarking on the exciting journey of building a residual income, it's  important to take care in the choice of path you follow.

An  abundance of eagerness (which is good) combined with a small piece of  haste can all too easily result in disappointment, disenchantment and  anti climax. Not to mention failed investment.

Hence why this myth  that "passive income is an unattainable pipe dream", continues to be  banded about like a dark cloud of cynicism spread by those who made the  very same mistake.

Firstly, there are no successful cynics!

Secondly,  I would like to invite you to think about YOUR residual income model.  Specifically, starting broad and then more focused.

It would be  hypocritical of me to tell you how to plan your journey. It's YOUR  journey, your own path to freedom. Your story, you must write the pages.

Once  you reach your destination, as great as it is, the journey itself can  be just as fun. Just like making that trip to that place you have always  wanted to visit. It's part of what MAKES it.

The very fact you  are here, reading this article (and have read half way) shows that you  are inquisitive enough succeed in generating yourself a passive income.

The second step has to be to TAKE ACTION.

Know what you want, and do something about it. Unfortunately this is this step that most people fall on.

Like  I say, it would be irresponsible of me to tell you what to do. There  are enough charlatans out there doing that already. And jokers, who  promise the world, yet deliver anything but.

I have been subject to both.

I  have also made genuinely sound investments which didn't quite work out,  simply because I didn't take the time to properly think about my  residual income module, and what was good for ME.

What I can offer you is the blue print to my train of thought that brought me the residual income module that works for me.

The residual income module that meets my expectations and suits my personality...

  • I did not want geographical location or time slots to govern how I earn or receive money.
  • I wanted my earnings to be in some way wired to my account. i.e. I did  not want to have to turn up to a particular location or wait for certain  date to receive my money.
  • I wanted to be able to receive the  same amount of money wherever I was. Whether it is in London, Tokyo or a  remote fishing village somewhere.
  • I wanted a low investment,  or have to take a loan out or invest save up for a long time. I wanted  something very affordable and low risk (ideally, less than $50 a month)
  • I wanted my residual income module to rely only on me. I didn't want to  rely on anyone else. I wanted independence, and to only be accountable  to myself.
  • I wanted my residual income module to bring me  enjoyment and stimulation. I didn't want to do something boring,  repetitive or mundane.
  • I also had NO intention of hard-selling  anything to anyone. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it's the hard  -sell. Having been on both ends in the past, it is something I  particularly dislike.
  • I have always valued transparency and  honesty, and I wanted to implement a residual income model that I  believed in, and something that would genuinely help others too.
I  can honestly say the residual income model I (eventually) acquired has  ticked every box for me. And I consider it a real Blessing to be a part  of this modern, invigorating and rewarding field....

Internet Marketing, Creating Successful Web Businesses That Will Last For Years to Come.

In  essence, producing online engines that generate long term residual,  passive income whether you are there to oversee it or not, as you sleep!

Whether you are in LAX, London or Lusaka!

As  mentioned before, generating residual income online was something that I  was interested in. You may have your own path, and that's great  (providing you have given it the necessary amount of thought).

But  this this was something that I had always been keen to learn more about  and could just see it being something I could really enjoy, if I had  the knowhow.

Just as is the motto of GOOGLE... "Collaboration IS The Key!"

There is PLENTY of the PIE to go around! The way forward is to collaborate and work together! Helping each other as best we can.

Luckily  for me I have found an AMAZING mentor and someone who I now consider a  friend. It brings me great pleasure to introduce to Chris Farrell...

Daniel Mancini is an online internet marketer from London, England and business partner of Chris Farrell (friend and mentor)

Chris  Farrell is also from London, but now lives in Beverly Hills, California  - and is a full time internet marketer - now making over $27,000  dollars online every month!

Chris has helped over 25,000 newcomers (and rising) successfully start their own web businesses.

For your FREE step-by-step beginners guide to making money online please visit http://www.onlinemoneycash.com

that's http://www.onlinemoneycash.com

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Posted 01 April 2011 - 11:11 AM

Great information and I would say it is a nice share from you.I hope the whole model will work to make a steady and residual income.

#3 Cini


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Posted 10 April 2011 - 01:35 PM

[size="3"]Ishuvonet!  :)

Thak You SO much for your kind words, and I am pleased you enjoyed this post! :D

I hand on heart, GENUINELY believe Internet Marketing and Online Business is the BEST and most RWARDING way to earn a residual and often passive income!

Since coming in to this business I have [u]NEVER [/u]looked back!.  Its exciting and you get to meet some truly [size="4"]AMAZING[/size] people!!  Sincerely.

I wish you all the best in finding the Residual Income Module that suits YOU.

The internet is my chosen field. As always, if there is aything I can do to be of help, please do not hesitate to give me a shout!

Here's to your success!  

Kind Regards :)

quote name='ishuvonet' timestamp='1301652672' post='1150']
Great information and I would say it is a nice share from you.I hope the whole model will work to make a steady and residual income.

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