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Posted 07 March 2011 - 03:16 AM

*NOTE anyone keen on learning how to install facebook iframes, I suggest you take this article slowly, take your time and be prepared to perhaps a couple of times.

Everybody is talking about this big change at Facebook.

Happening on March 11th

And the big change concerns Fan / Like Pages

Something called static FBML is going and being replaced by something called IFRAMES.

An important event for internet marketers (well should be anyway).

I understand this could sound quite confusing for some, so I wanted to write this brief article explaining  what I frames are and why any prospective internet marketer ought to know how to use an iframe and WHY you would want to use an iframe

You may have noticed, that on your Facebook fan/like page, you would have a variety of different TABS (e.g. info, events, video, wall etc).

Each time you click on each tab, you get taken to a separate section of your page.

You can create as many TABS as you like.

One of the most important benefits of having this feature at your like page, is that you can create a WELCOME TAB, where you can have an opt in form, a video, or whatever you like to introduce yourself and create that all important relationship straight away.

In the past to install one of these tabs one would have to install something called FBML.

BUT the replacement is IFRAMES.

So lets quickly define: What is an iframe?

An I frame allows you to embed an EXTERNAL web page on your FACEBOOK PAGE!.

Imagine a window frame on your Facebook page that allows you to view something else on line.

Something very, very powerful, particularly for marketers!

Now a few quick things you will need to know about using IFRAMES

  • To USE iframes you WILL need to already have a web page(s) online that you want to create a tab in your like page that you can be linked to[/size]

  •      The page that you will be framing needs to be 520 pixels wide (at the most) or slimmer

Now, in order to create an IFRAME you will need to install something known as an IFRAME APP.  (Dont be put off by this, stay with me, its NOT that complicated!)

To create one simply goes to www.facebook.com/developers  

(You will need to be logged in as your personal profile to access this)

-         On the right hand side go to set up new application

-         Give your application a name (nobody will be able to see it so it doesnt matter)

You will then be directed to the about page

Click on Facebook Integration

Fill in the website URL in the Canvas URL box

BUT ONLY the URL up until the first Forward Slash  (e.g. http:// www.onlinemoneycash.com/member  would have to be shortened to http://www.onlinemoneycash.com/)


So thats simply the MAIN domain name PLUS the SLASH and thats it!

Continuing with the form

Ensure the iframe selection is selected in the Page Tab Type section

Under the section Tab URL highlight everything AFTER the URL and Paste.

Name the Tab what you like e.g. welcome (TAB NAME). This will be visible to visitors to your like page.



Just ONE MORE thing to do!  - Make it active on our Like Page(s)

On the RIGHT hand side, click Application Profile Page

On the LEFT hand side now you will see Add to Page Click that

Select which page you would like to add your IFRAME app to!

There will now be a TAB on your Like Page with your created IFRAME on!


And the good news is that now you have created this IFRAME, if there are any changes you wish you make, you simply have to alter whatever changes you wish to make via your web host (as you would normally).

Apologies  for the lengthy article.  I hope you found it useful.

That is how to create an IFRAME App and a Tab linking it to whichever IFRAME that you wish!  

For an internet marketer, Facebook is an absolutely revolutionary traffic generating tool!

Roll on March 11th !  

As always if there is anything I can do to be of help, please do not hesitate to give me a shout!

Kind regards,

Daniel (cini)

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Posted 13 May 2011 - 04:02 AM

Facebook also has some advantages for businesses. Since Facebook is a giant network of people, businesses can advertise their business to specific groups that would most likely be interested. Those people, if they liked the product, would in turn tell their friends about the company.

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