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Chris Cobb Reviews Scam Chriscobb.co.uk Automated Income Streams Reviews

Chris Cobb Reviews Chris Cobb Review Chris Cobb Scam chriscobb.co.uk chriscobb.co.uk reviews chriscobb.co.uk scam Chris Cobb Scams Automated Income Streams

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#1 Expert Money Blogger

Expert Money Blogger


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Posted 01 March 2012 - 01:34 PM

Automated Income Streams - Chris Cobb Reviews and Scam. Chriscobb.co.uk Is it a Scam Website? Automated Income Stream Reviews?

Is Chris Cobb a scammer? Chris Cobb claims to be able to offer products and services that make people rich, but is it all bluff, or is there genuine substance behind his website claims.

I have had first hand experience of Chris Cobb and his products, because I was a recipient of his Automated Income Streams (AIS) monthly manual that was sent out. I received about 16 modules of the information.

Did it make me rich? Well, I am already fairly wealthy, but would the information have made me money? The information was not written by Chris Cobb, it looks like it was ghost-written, and yes, although the basics were there month, after month, there was no real substance.

For example, towards the end, maybe month 12 there was a module on driving traffic. "Ah, you would think, THIS is the one you have been waiting 12 months for, Chris Cobb will share his secrets with me".

No such luck, unfortunately the manual contained nothing more than how to drive traffic using Google Adwords, which was a very poor, and disappointing show.

My review of the Chris Cobb Automated Income Streams, is that it will NOT make you money, and is not worth the £29.95 monthly price tag. The information contained in the Automated Income Streams materials can be learned for free, and there is nothing in the materials that will spark any amount of money-creation, unless it was there, within you, in the first place.

Maybe, instead of Chris Cobb placing the emphasis on his website on how many fantastic cars he has got (of course which is designed to entice people wanting the same) he should have really focused on his students, and subscribers making money from the materials they are paying handsomely for.

You will also find that Chris Cobb has already created multiple websites, named chriscobb-scam, chriscobb-reviews, etc. in a direct attempt to (it seems) throw genuine customers away from genuine reviews when searching via the search engines. This is a tactic that is becoming popular amongst many marketers, who have unsatisfied customers.

Automated Income Streams - Chris Cobb Reviews and Scam. Chriscobb.co.uk Is it a Scam Website? Automated Income Stream Reviews?


Author: Robert Bond

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#2 Growler


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Posted 01 March 2012 - 02:52 PM

Never heard of Chris Cobb. Just looked his website though. Nice cars who who really cares if he has cars. Why would his customers really care about that bollix?

#3 Online Novice

Online Novice

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Posted 02 March 2012 - 12:11 PM

Yeah, I have heard of chris cobb, and some very unflattering reviews about him online. scam.com killed it at one stage talking about him, and his offers. nothing there that will make you any money, and chris cobb LOVES talking about himself!!!!

Chris Cobb is also well known as a serial scam merchant!

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